🚧 This documentation is not complete yet as Lagon is in Alpha.

Lagon is currently deployed in 14 regions all around the world. We increase the number of regions regularly, and you can also request a new Region.

We use multiple hosting providers to prevent a single point of failure and provide resiliency in the case of an outage from one of our providers. Users are routed to the region that is geographically closest to them when they request a Function, using a mix of Anycast and GeoIP.

You can access the Region that is responding to the current requests using the X-Lagon-Region header.

List of regions

  • Ashburn, Virginia (ashburn-us-east)
  • Hillsboro, Oregon (hillsboro-us-west)
  • San Francisco, California (san-francisco-us-west)
  • Beauharnois, Canada (beauharnois-ca-east)
  • London, United Kingdon (london-eu-west)
  • Paris, France (paris-eu-west)
  • Nuremberg, Germany (nuremberg-eu-central)
  • Helsinki, Finland (helsinki-eu-north)
  • Warsaw, Poland (warsaw-eu-east)
  • Bangalore, India (bangalore-ap-west)
  • Singapore (singapore-ap-south)
  • Sydney, Australia (sydney-ap-south)
  • Tokio, Japan (tokio-ap-east)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa (johannesburg-af-south)

Request a new region

If you would like to see a new region, please fill out this form (opens in a new tab). We will prioritize the regions that are the most requested.